survey analysis

At SARA, we’re dedicated to helping you gain valuable insights into key aspects of your business. We offer a suite of pre-produced surveys, utilising survey analysis, from traditional theories to provide you with a deeper understanding of work engagement, both for personal use, and professional use.

Find our surveys here, they can be taken individually, or as a group using SARA, where results can be reviewed, analyzed, and made into tailored reports for your organisation

The Utrecht Work Engagement Scale


Discover your work engagement level with the UWES psychological assessment developed in 2002 by researchers Schaufeli, Bakker, and Salanova. 

Helping understand motivation, dedication, and absorption at work. Gain valuable insights into your professional life and explore ways to enhance your work performance.

Khan’s Engagement Theory


Explore the dynamics of engagement with Khan’s engagement theory defined in the 1990’s. This comprehensive framework aids the understanding of physical, cognitive, emotional and psychological conditions for engagement at work. 

By understanding these elements, one can make informed decisions to enhance the quality of life.

The first survey measures the extent to which you have the psychological conditions for personal engagement at work. The second survey measures your levels of physical, cognitive and emotional engagement, using the job engagement scale.

Self-Determination Theory



Edward Deci and Richard Ryan developed the SDT in 1985. Assessing factors such as Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness, this theory delves into your intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, shedding light on what drives your choices and actions. 

By understanding your motivation better, you can make informed decisions to lead a more fulfilling life.

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