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The collage of tools you are using is costing you money!

Money is spent on all those wasted hours manually or semi-manually building your reports, but even more revenue will be lost in the long run if your reports aren’t perfect.


You need an end to end solution!

Survey Analysis and Report Automation, SARA

Are you hitting a nail with a brick?

Are you using tools, or even worse, combinations of tools that aren’t really designed for what you are doing.


  • You need a hammer!
  • SARA is your hammer!
  • With SARA you will nail it!

The big survey engines don’t care about you.

  • You need to fit their process instead of the other way around.
  • Automated reports with your proprietary methodology are always a problem.
  • They can’t do, or, are forbiddingly expensive to do exactly what you want..
Survey Analysis and Report Automation, SARA
SARA for data driven HR

Don’t stay behind while your competitors modernize.

74% of your colleagues are raising their investment in technology.¹

More than 5 Billion $ is invested in HR-Tech startups in 2021.²

What are you doing to prepare for tomorrow?



¹: PwC’s HR Technology Survey 2020

²: Crunchbase 2021

SARA, stands for Survey, Analysis and Reporting Automation

Step one: Select participants, methodology and report template.

That’s it, there is only one step. The rest is automated.

Once SARA is deployed for your methodology there is nothing more to worry about.


It’s time to see it with your own eyes!

Data driven HR


  • Yes, all your question types are supported.

  • Yes, your conditional question flow is supported.

  • Yes, timed responses are supported.

  • Yes to different languages

  • Yes, the look and feel is in your branding.

  • Yes, SARA features an anti-cheat technology so exam-like surveys can take place without anything else.


  • Yes, multi factor loading is supported.

  • Yes, normalization functions are easy to set.

  • Yes, your proprietary methodology is supported.

  • Yes, you can also just use one of our default methodologies.

SARA is AI providing data driven HR


  • Yes, the report is in your branding and style.

  • Yes, reports can be individual, group, organizational, comparative and more.

  • Yes to progress reports.

  • Yes to a new type of report SARA hasn’t seen before.


  • Yes, once set up the whole process is automated.

  • Yes, you can easily tweak formulas

  • Yes, you can easily tweak reports.

Yes it’s time to meet SARA.

privacy in 360 degree surveys

More than 300.000 individuals have been surveyed with SARA.

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